Eitaalo offers the hunter rocky hills and savannah plains with bush cover and camelthorn trees. Trophy quality is excellent. Andre goes the extra mile to guide you to the hunting area that will suit your hunting need.

Eitaalo Hunting safaris have access to good hunting areas in central to eastern Namibia, offering exceptional trophy quality and unsurpassed African Safaris.  

International flight connections are available from the Hosea Kutako International Airport via Germany or South Africa to all destinations worldwide. The infrastructure boasts excellent tarmac and gravel roads throughout the country, first world medical facilities in Windhoek, telecommunication to the rest of the world and excellent lodges. 

The climate is mild in winter to hot during summer time. Temperatures in winter vary between average 0 degrees’ Celsius early morning to 24 degrees Celsius at noon. Temperatures in summer vary from average 12 degrees’ Celsius early morning to 33 degrees Celsius at noon. The humidity is very low throughout the year; therefore, the noon temperatures are easily bearable all year round.

The rainy season is from late January to end of April with an average varying from as little as 20mm in the desert to more than 1000mm in the subtropical northern parts of Namibia. The average rainfall over central Namibia varies between 250 – 350 mm annually.

Great American Outdoor Show

NRA Great American Outdoor Show, Harrisburg

Please come visit Andre at this show:

Where: Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex, USA

When: 3 – 11 Feb 2024

Booth: 5914